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Motion: The idolisation of ‘starchitects’ is detrimental to architectural education.

Proposition Team:
Dr Chang Jiat Hwee – Asst Prof at the Dept of Architecture, NUS
Mr Yee-Chin Teo – Principal, Red Bean Architects
Ms Samantha Chia – NUS B.A. (Arch.) Year 3

Opposition Team:
Mr Richard Ho – Adjunct Assoc Prof at the Dept of Architecture, NUS
Mr Sri Saravanan Subramaniam – NUS M.Arch. 2013
Ms Aileen Koh – NUS M.Arch. 2012

Mr Praveen Nair – NUS B.A. (Arch.) Year 3. VP (Internal), 34th TAS EXCO.

Tan Wei Ming, Delwin Tan – 34th TAS EXCO.

See you there at The Substation on 4th July, 6.30pm.

tas debates poster


TAS Debates: Call for Debaters


TAS Debates are back on the 8th of June 2013! This year’s motion is ‘Architectural Education in Singapore breeds unoriginality‘ and we’re looking for participants! If you are interested in joining the proposition or opposition, please drop Lynn an email at lynnchengyuqi@gmail.com for more details. Please do so by 10th May.

More details will be released soon, so watch this space!


TAS Debate 2012 – “Contemporary Singapore Architecture Does Not Exist”

Debate motion:

“Contemporary Singapore Architecture Does Not Exist”

When tackling contemporary urban issues, one fundamental challenge is that Singapore is both a global city and a nation-state. Being a global city provides opportunities and funding to open up important civil and social spaces that were once closed. Yet the rush to brand Singapore as a global city and match cultural capitals like London and New York has also led to international or even ‘Western’ orientations that may often seem disjunctured from the concepts of urban locales. The notion of contemporary Singapore architecture is thus both celebrated and contested.

At the heart of the issue is the question of identity. Will the constant flux and reinventing of Singapore’s built environment result in a contemporary Singapore where a dynamic interplay of ‘global’ with ‘local’ precipitates a multicultural city? Or will it result in a timid, mix-and-match landscape that creates an interchangeable global city that has no individual identity not place attachment? Is hybridity, with the preservation of traditional culture in modern design forms, the way forward for architects shaping the future of Singapore’s landscape?

The Speakers:


Students from Year 1 and Year 2 will also be opening the event with their energetic band and solo performances!

Time: 7pm


Studio @ The Screening Room
12 Ann Siang Road

RSVP now through our Facebook events page!