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What I like about studying in ETH Zürich?

Apart from the incredibly scenic city, trams that are always on time (a minute earlier in fact), swimming in the Lake Zürich/ chilling at Zürich West during summer, how beautiful the city becomes when it snows, great student apartments (apply for Bülachhof or Max Bill Platz!)….

What I admire about the ETH is that the school is serious in investing in every single student in the cohort (and not just a select handful), making sure that the overall quality of work in each class is of a consistently high standard. Also, each and every program has been approached by all involved, both lecturers and students, with a level of seriousness, rigor and depth, and their love for the topics involved is a great joy to watch and be a part of.

P.S. Do sign up for Petra Blochlinger’s German classes! She’s super cynical and funny, it’s the one lesson we look forward to most every week! You’ll love her for sure!

Article contributed by Joel Tay