The highly anticipated Architours is back! Organised by The Architecture Society (TAS) as part of Singapore Institute of Architects’ Archifest 2015, this year’s tours will inspire visitors as we visit award winning as well as unique buildings in Singapore. Book a slot in one of the weekend tours now!
Check out for details of the tours!
As per previous years, TAS will be offering limited discounted tickets for our own students! Please like our facebook page and Stay tuned for more information!


2 thoughts on “ARCHIFEST – ARCHITOURS”

  1. Hello, can u help to arrange a customised tour for our overseas guests, mainly design professionals. We just need guide and site route plan for 25 pax. Similar to the architours i attended at waf. Its on 13 jan 3pm, for 1.30 hrs. Let me know. Thanks

    Hp. 83886533

    1. Hi Liz,

      Unfortunately, we are a student run organization in NUS, and do not have that capacity to arrange this as architours is an annual event that requires many collaborators, organisers and companies!

      Sorry to disappoint!

      The Architecture Society

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