Don’t miss out on this exclusive event on the 2nd of October, 6.30pm at the SDE Foyer Big Steps for a night of fun-filled activities and performances by your very own Archimates!

Black Party 2014 @ The Foyer-01
Join us for scrumptious food and a whole host of exciting games waiting in store, just for you! Admission is absolutely free!

Students interested to perform? We want You! Be sure to contact your TAS reps to let them know.


The Paperspace Press is a virtual space of scattered musings and workings of our architectural mind, a publication under The Architectural Society.

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We believe that architecture is not just about buildings & students are not stuck in studio. Under the #OffDuty, we showcase the ‘other’ talent most of our students gave while #OnDuty features our usual architecture daydreams.

Humans of Architecture School, is a new project that we have decide to embark on to create an exhaustive list of the inhabitants and their strong personalities within the school we call our second home.


“Probably the neatest drawing in my book so far, and the colours too.” 

15 | 09 | 2014

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35th TAS Executive Committee

Greetings to everyone!

It is our honor to present to you the 35th TAS Executive Committee that will be serving our student body for the next two semesters.


From left to right:

Brian Khoo (Exhibition / Publicity Director, Year 3)
Natalie Cheung (Publications Director, Year 3)
Syahrul Naem (Honorary Secretary / Events Director, Year 3)
Ng Chu Ying (Publications Director, Year 1)
Yeo Zheng Hang (Vice President (Internal), Year 4)
Wu Yu Chen (Exhibition Director, Year 2)
Alex Chua (Welfare Director, Year 3)
Mun Choon Kuat (President, Year 4)
David Oktavianus (Education Director, Year 4)
Aaron Choo (Vice President (External), Year 4)
Poh Wei Bing (Education Director, Year 1)
Yap Yong Kong (Events Director, Year 3)
Liew Yu Qi (Welfare Director, Year 2)
Jonathan Christian Chin (Communications Secretary / Treasurer, Year 3)

Stay tune to our facebook page for upcoming events and welfare initiatives! We look forward to a great year ahead!