Exhibition: IMPROMPTU

The Architecture Society presents


Impromptu is a school-sanctioned informal exhibition, as part of a student initiative organized by TAS. It is a five-day-long exhibition that ends on 21st Nov (Wednesday). All students are invited to exhibit their works, as we feel that everyone’s efforts for one entire semester ought to be recognised better through public display.

We invite anyone and everyone to the exhibition. General public and people interested in NUS Architecture (or Architecture for that matter) are welcome to walk in to the SDE studios to observe the works on display. We further encourage NUS Architecture students to take the opportunity to discover what your juniors, peers and seniors have been working on, and learn from one another. We urge you to also invite your friends and family to the exhibition.

A unexclusive exhibition featuring all NUS Architecture students
A unexclusive exhibition featuring all NUS Architecture student

Visit our facebook album for photos of the exhibition.

The exhibition ends this Wednesday.

See you there,
the 34th TAS EXCO