32nd Architecture Society Presidential Elections

Voting by the student body to occur on Monday and Tuesday, 12 and 13 September 2011. Students can cast their vote at the polling booth to be set up at level 2 outside ScaleBar or Foyer from 1000h to 1800h.

i. Voter to show matriculation card and make declaration of identity to the election officer at the polling station.

ii. Voter will be given a ballot paper, and is to mark a cross next to the candidate of his or her choice.

iii. Voter to place ballot paper into the ballot box.

Overseas Polling

Students are to register to thearchitecturesociety@gmail.com. A unique key link would be sent to them so that they may cast their votes. Please register by 13 September 6pm (+8 GMT), Tuesday. Voting will commence on 14 September 10am and will be closed by 6pm on the same day for overseas voters.

Find out more about our presidential candidates (left to right) Umar Aziz, Joanne Gay and Chio Wen Tian.


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