Constitutional Amendments

Dear Architecture Students,

This year, the 31st Executive Committee of The Architecture Society set out to raise awareness of our unique and intrinsic relationships with the profession and academia.

Moreover, as representatives of the student body, we aimed to create a substantial presence in our faculty.

In 2011, we initiated the inaugural TAS Debates which brought together members of the fraternity and faculty to discuss topics pertinent to our profession. We also chose to present undergraduate and post-graduate works under one exhibition at MICA this year, so as to reinforce the holistic nature of our education.

Apart from these landmark events, we organized Open Office and Open Studio tours to give current and prospective students the opportunity to understand the inner workings of practice and school. Also, great effort has gone into crafting Paper Space and Post – Script, publications which capture student life.

In keeping with our efforts to rejuvenate our established society, we have sought to revise our constitution to accommodate student representatives from every year within the new executive committee. This is your chance to nominate  your peers to represent you within the society.

At our Extraordinary General Meeting on Thursday, 08 September, we seek to validate and vote in the changes which will allow our society to stay relevant and endure. You will also have the opportunity to directly vote for the new president of the society.

Please join us and be a part of the change.


TAS 31st Executive Committee 2010/2011

You may view the following documents here:

Existing Constitution

Revisions to Constitution

Annex I & II


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