ArchiTours this year is a parley with the idea of what Common Spaces is to us. We will discern the evolution of common spaces, from a mere arrangement of spaces within homes, to having common spaces within a larger societal context.

We’d like to present to you the opportunity of visiting architecture firms in a PREQUEL to our architours EPISODES.

We will be featuring the firms AEDAS, CSYA, ONG&ONG, LIU&WO on the 9th September and DP Architects, ECO.ID Architects, CPG Consultants as well as MKPL Architects on 16th September.

Do download a form and submit it to SIA with your details and payment.

Do note for the 9th September OPENOFFICE,  there’s a CO-ORDINATOR’S DISCOUNT (YAY!)

Student: $15/tour & $28/per day (2 tours on the same day)

– Only applicable for the 9th September tour

– Do indicate on the registration form *Coordinator’s discount*

Please also do take note that the last day of signing up for the 9th Sept Open Office is by tonight, 6th September, 10PM. For urgent booking, please call either

Zakiah (91993450) 
 Sylvia (98373882)

This is a good opportunity to seek the answers to the questions you’ve always had about the practice. Take a peep in their offices!

P.S. We are also recruiting our guides! Apply here!

the ARCHITOURS team 
Zakiah and Sylvia

For more information, please log on to our facebook page

please email us at the following address


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