2nd Water Senstive Urban Landscape Seminar

CUGE in partnership with PUB and NParks, is proud to present a one-day seminar “2nd Water Sensitive Urban Landscape Seminar: ABC Waters – Towards Sustainable Environment.” This seminar offers you a global perspective of water sensitive urban landscaping through knowledge sharing and case studies by internationally renowned experts. This seminar will share insights on the international trends in water sensitive urban design and case studies of water sensitive projects in global arena including local R&D experiences in this field. 

Water Sensitive Urban Landscape Seminar (6 July 2011)

CUGE is organising two corresponding workshops with the Seminar in relation to this theme. Complementing the seminar, these workshops are structured to build on the technical foundation of practitioners in various aspects of water-sensitive urban landscape.

(1)    Water Sensitive Urban Design: Landscape and Ecology Workshop (4-5 July 2011) 

(2)    Integrating Environmental Infrastructure into Placemaking (7 July 2011) 

To view details of the programmes, click on the respective hyperlinks. 

For enquiries, please contact Juliana Ho (CUGE) at Tel: 6462 7319, or Email: Juliana_ho@nparks.gov.sg .

Credits: Singapore skyline by Gyver Chang


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