UIA Council Meeting – Student Chaperons Wanted

The SIA will be hosting the UIA Council Meeting from 3 – 8 June 2011. The Council comprises known architects from various countries. We feel that it will be an excellent opportunity for students to be involved, as they will get the chance to know international architects. The students will act as chaperons – take care of Council members during their stay, receive them from the airport, accompany them to the hotel and be involved in some events. This is similar arrangement when students acted as chaperons to speakers during our ArchiFest Forum. The UIA Council meeting will be attended by about 40-50 delegates.


  •  3-8 June


  • looking after the council member in terms of their needs
  • airport-hotel-airport transfer (receive and send, transport will be arranged by SIA):
  • accompany them when they are in Singapore

Key benefit

  • Opportunity and privilege to get to know and network with architects from overseas; such opportunity comes (may be) once in the life time.

Other benefits

  • Follow candidates in the 1-day tour to various places, join in some dinners. As in the case for ArchiFest, there will be no monetary benefit for students.

Interested students may sign up here!


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