Open Studio 2011

The OpenStudio tour, held on the 12th to 13th of March in conjunction with the NUS Open House 2011, offers the opportunity for the prospective students and their parents to observe the architecture student life in its purest, open manner as possible. Guided by the present architecture students, prospective students received a personal retrospective account of their student life as an architecture student here in NUS. The students will also be able to participate in by asking questions and observe impromptu presentations by current students across the years working on their projects.

The objective of the tour is to allow prospective students to observe and listen to the processes behind designing rather than being presented to a polished final product. Hence, we deeply feel that personal interactions between the prospective students and the current undergraduates will hopefully give them a holistic idea of architecture and the student life.

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 The tour itinerary includes;

A 10 minute visual presentation of architecture student life – Back2sku, Mooncake Festival Party, AkiConstruction Exhibition cum Party, ACM Exhibition, FOC, Untitled001: Black Party

A tour and presentation of Vertical Studio – Manila Project. (Covering the community design opportunities, as well as the opportunity to travel and work on overseas project as part of design studio module.)

A tour of the Year 1,2,3,4 Studios (includes impromptu presentation from the students working on their project.)




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