This is the plan

This is the plan.

Over the course of 12 weeks (give or take), this was my primary medium of educational discussion with my tutor.

I walked through the premeditated ruins of my own structure before constructing it, as we all do, in the minds of others. It was like an exam, except that I was creating my own ten-year series. And in the end, there isn’t a corner, an edge which I did not consciously draw.

Lebbeus Woods spoke of the deliberate nature of drawing each and every line. There is no accident, no “just ‘cos”…I’d hope. We discussed why the water meets the wall here, and not here. Why the walls are that far apart, what you see here, how you walk there, when do you take a different route, why?

The plan taught me about procession and ceremony, rationality and intuition. It made me consider objects which stood alone and spaces which became drawn together.

And after all the flashy graphics, blood, sweat & tears supermodel, hi-tech walkthrough, rendered sections and technical proficiency of detailing…after all that, the plans said the most.

“Many buildings shout, “Here I Am!”. Very few say something.”

– My tutor